I Just Wanted to Talk About the Spurs (2/3/21)

Sneaker company 'Finish Line' throws shade at Spurs on 'Fiesta' jersey  reveal day | WOAI

I’ve been a “Spurs fan” for three seasons now, since DeMar DeRozan was traded there. After all, I’m going to root for my favorite player wherever he goes. But for the first two seasons, I wasn’t particularly attached to the rest of the roster. I don’t know exactly why. At the 2020 trade deadline, I was sort of hoping DeMar would get traded to somewhere new where he could win some games. He didn’t. This offseason, he picked up his player option. I get it, $27 million is more than he would have gotten in free agency, but I was kinda unhappy he was back with San Antonio. This season, my opinion has flipped.

The Spurs are really fun to watch. I like watching them so much that I might end up being a Spurs fan when (or if. At this point, if he resigns in the 2021 offseason, I wouldn’t even mind) DeMar leaves. Since I got NBA League Pass this year, I’ve been able to watch them a lot more (they were hardly on national TV prior years, of course), and I maybe have watched them more Bucks so far this year (I still watch the Bucks a lot). My favorite player on the Spurs besides DeMar is Keldon Johnson. He’s really good. He’s a great finisher and shooter. He plays good defense. He rebounds super well. He’s solidifying himself as a main part of the Spurs future, and I could see him being an All-Star one day. I also like Derrick White (I enjoyed watching him in the 2019 playoffs) and Dejounte Murray (who is probably the Spurs second best player). Patty Mills’s hot shooting has been fun.

Nobody thought the Spurs would be good (and definitely not fun) before the season (besides diehard Spurs fans). I agreed. I had them at 26th in my preseason power rankings (behind the Timberwolves. Yikes). That was 14th in the West (to be fair, I did that assuming that DeMar and LaMarcus would get traded. At this point, I doubt that will happen. But I still had them on the low side). Currently, they are 11-10 and tied for the 9th seed in the West. Of course, they aren’t contenders. But they’ve had some big wins. Their success this season with such a young core makes me super excited for their future. They’ve made some noise this year.

So, if you haven’t watched the Spurs yet this year, you should. DeMar DeRozan is having a legitimate All-Star year. Keldon Johnson is super impressive and versatile. Dejounte Murray is a great defender and playmaker. LaMarcus Aldridge’s old, slow self makes shots. Patty Mills makes shots. Rudy Gay makes shots (lots of shot making). Lonnie Walker is a bucket. Jakob Poeltl does nothing. Trey Lyles sucks (In a close game against the Timberwolves, he had a few opportunities to get clutch offensive rebounds, but he basically smacked the ball out of bounds instead. I won’t forget.) Gregg Popovich gives funny interviews. Coyote, their mascot, won the 2020-21 mascot of the year. A Spurs game is an enjoyable watch (as I’ve said 100 times in this article).

You might not care about the Spurs (which is lame), which means you might not have cared to read this article. But I just felt like enlightening my five followers (and anybody else who somehow stumbled upon this) to what the Spurs are up to this year. (If you’re one of the clowns who don’t care about the Spurs, thanks for reading. I appreciate it.) You should be like me, and hop on the Spurs train now before they are really good in five years and everybody calls you a bandwagon.

In conclusion, as Flight would say (or maybe not, he is a Warriors fan), look at the Spurs man, so inspirational. 

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