What’s Next for the Miami Bubble Guppies? (6/1/21)

The Miami Heat, after making a Finals run in the 2020 playoffs, just got demolished by the Bucks. They got swept 4-0, and only one game was close (and that was the one Bucks struggle game. The Heat didn’t play well all series). That’s super disappointing.

So, because of this disappointing loss, we now know that the Heat need to make changes. They aren’t capable of winning a championship in their current state. So, I’m gonna talk about a few things I think they should do to return to contender status next season. 

First things first: Make a decision on Tyler Herro

We know Tyler Herro is pretty good. He definitely has potential. The problem is, he was inconsistent this year. That’s a bad sign (I talked a lot about him in this article, so I won’t say too much else here). Therefore, the Heat need to make a decision: do we trade Herro while we know for sure he has value, or do we keep him and hope he returns to his bubble state? 

I think he should get traded. Why? That leads to my next thing.

Acquire a scorer

I’m talking about a consistent 18-20 PPG guy that can score at all levels. That’s what Miami really needed in the playoffs, because everybody was struggling shooting the ball. Jimmy usually isn’t that. Bam isn’t that. Tyler could become one, but he isn’t that yet. 

The Heat have cap space. If they want to use that on a scorer, I think Norman Powell or Evan Fournier are the ideal targets. I like Norman Powell in Miami, because he’s a better defender than Fournier, but both would be good.

A trade involving Tyler Herro is the other way for Miami to acquire a scorer. The obvious target is Bradley Beal. I just don’t think that’s realistic. Maybe last summer, when Tyler’s value was at its highest, but not anymore. Therefore, I have another potential target:

Collin Sexton.

I know, not the perfect player. He’s not necessarily a willing passer, and he’s also a young player who is still developing. He’s not a great defender, which doesn’t fit Miami’s culture. But I think he’d be better than Tyler on the Heat, and it’s been rumored that Cleveland could listen to offers for Sexton. 

I think that Sexton would be able to have the ball in his hands in Miami, but he could also learn to play off the ball so Jimmy can facilitate. I think Sexton as an off ball would be great. I also think that Sexton would be an awesome sixth man if Coach Spoelstra opted to start the veteran Dragic. I think a Tyler for Sexton swap would work out well for both teams. I do think the Heat would have to throw in a few picks to get it done, but it would be worth it if they’re really all in on winning now. 

Tyler would be great for a young Cleveland roster. He has the All-Star potential. He has the ability to play on and off the ball, which is great because Darius Garland could slide in as the full time point guard. He could grow nicely on a team with no pressure and less media attention, which would benefit him immensely. 

Don’t pay Victor Oladipo, please

I don’t care how much he wants to be in Miami, I don’t want to see Oladipo in a Heat jersey next year. Not because he’s a bad player. He’s definitely not as good as he used to be, but he’s still a good player that fits nicely on the Heat. It’s just that he’s going to want a lot of money. If he won’t accept anything below $15 million, the Heat should not bring him back. He’s just not worth that much money. 

(Plus, Miami hardly gave up anything to get Oladipo, so letting him go is no biggie. If Duncan Robinson would have been involved like Houston wanted, this would be a different story.)

Do pay Duncan Robinson, please

Not more than $20 million though. He’s obviously a top shooter in the league, but he’s not worth All-Star money. He should get around $15 million, tops. The Heat need to keep Duncan for now, he’s too valuable to let go.

Resign Kendrick Nunn

He could be used in a sign-and-trade. If Miami decides they really want to go all in on Bradley Beal, Kendrick would have to be involved in the deal. He’s probably worth $10 million a year tops if Miami wants to keep him, but if he was involved in a sign-and-trade for a star player then he could get $15 million to make the money match. 

Bring back Nemanja Bjelica and Dewayne Dedmon 

Both are solid role players that did their jobs in the Bucks series. I think Miami should bring them back for a full season. 

In the end, Miami’s offseason comes down to two main points:

  • Acquire a scorer, it’s necessary
  • Don’t screw up your cap space

I definitely trust Miami’s front office to do their job well, but that’s what I would do if I was the Heat’s general manager (hey, this is almost like a “I become the GM of” article). 

Do you agree with my plan? What would you change? Are you angry because of this article’s title? Let me know! See you next time!

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