Thoughts on Bucks vs. Nets Game 5

Brooklyn Nets injury update: Jeff Green out at least 10 days with foot  strain - DraftKings Nation
Hey, this is the bench mob blog. I’ve gotta show love to the bench guy!

Game 5 between the Bucks and Nets was crazy.  One of the best games of the playoffs so far. 

It made me incredibly mad. I tweeted a lot during that game, so if you want a simple summary of my thoughts, just visit my Twitter. 

Anyways, I have a lot of different things to touch on in this article. 

First off, Kevin Durant is top three right now. I haven’t decided for sure right now, and I won’t until after the playoffs when I release my top 100 list. But he’s obviously insanely good. His performance in game 5 was a masterpiece. I’m impressed with the fact that he played the entire game more than the points he scored, the rebounds he grabbed, or the assists he gathered. Definitely an all-time performance.

James Harden shouldn’t have played. He’s clearly not healthy. He couldn’t make a shot, and was playing lazy defense. I’m just glad he didn’t reinjure himself. It was really funny that he couldn’t hit a shot, but he could complain to the refs about everything and flop constantly. I like Harden but I’m tired of the flopping. 

Jeff Green deserves a ton of credit. He could not miss. KD is obviously the main reason for the win, but without Jeff Green the Nets probably would have lost.

Blake Griffin has overtaken Joel Embiid for my least favorite player in the NBA. He’s just a total jerk. I respect every single player in the NBA except for him. The main reason is he didn’t try and played bad just to get out of Detroit (That’s just so stupid. Why would somebody purposely play bad. Blake is not a Hall of Famer just because of that). Also, I’m tired of watching him clearly foul somebody and then still complain. He’s simply a clown. 

Giannis needs to get better. Crazy to say about a 2-time MVP, but it’s true. I am sick of watching him drive in a straight line to the hoop and pick up an offensive foul every time. I’m tired of watching him iso (it’s not his game to dribble a ton). I’m tired of watching him take mid range fade-aways. He had injured Harden guarding him on a crucial possession, and took a freaking fade-away. I love Giannis, but he makes me angry more than any other Buck. 

Middleton and Holiday need to play well in the same game. Jrue had a good game last night, but Middleton didn’t. Middleton played great a few games ago, but Jrue couldn’t make a shot. If they both play well, the Bucks will be a lot harder to beat. 

STOP ISOING SO MUCH, PLEASE! Especially with Giannis, it doesn’t work! You can’t win a game by isoing every possession. 

Fire Bud unless we win a championship. It’s time to switch it up. It’s not all his fault. But, sagging off of shooters and all of the iso is his fault, and those are two major problems. The Bucks just struggle with spacing and playing good offense in general, and that’s something a different coach could change. (I don’t really have a preference on who the Bucks hire. Rick Carlisle is apparently keeping an eye on the Bucks, but if he doesn’t come, maybe Becky Hammon would be a good option.)

Bryn Forbes should be taking more than one three when he plays. If he’s not getting open looks, it’s because the Bucks can’t play offense. 

I love Pat Connaughton and his energy.

Bobby Portis should have played last night. 

So there’s my jumble of thoughts from the most angering game all year. Do you have any other thoughts? Tweet me and let me know! See you next time!

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