Should MarJon Beauchamp Be In Milwaukee’s Rotation? (3/6/23)

When making a first-round draft selection last summer for the first time since 2018, there were a lot of directions the Milwaukee Bucks could have headed in. A floor general point guard, a backup big man, and a movement shooter would have all patched holes in their depth chart. Most importantly, though, whoever they selectedContinue reading “Should MarJon Beauchamp Be In Milwaukee’s Rotation? (3/6/23)”

Malaki Branham Is Finding His Stride (1/28/23)

The San Antonio Spurs are fully committed to the Wembanyama sweepstakes.  Coach Popovich has given the reigns of the team to the young players and is prioritizing development over winning. So far, that approach is paying off. Core pieces Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell have both proven why they belong in that category, with theContinue reading “Malaki Branham Is Finding His Stride (1/28/23)”

Put Some Respect On D’Angelo Russell’s Name (12/4/22)

Once a well-loved player in the NBA community, opinions on D’Angelo Russell have changed for the worse. Russell made his first and only All-Star appearance in 2019 for the fan-favorite Brooklyn Nets squad known for their epic bench dance routines. Since then, the former second-overall pick made a quick pit stop in Golden State beforeContinue reading “Put Some Respect On D’Angelo Russell’s Name (12/4/22)”

Settling the Devin Booker Versus Donovan Mitchell Debate (11/9/22)

Donovan Mitchell is playing out of his mind this season.  The three-time All-Star is playing arguably the best ball of his career so far while leading the 8-2 Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s shooting at career clips from inside and outside the arc and showing improved defensive effort. It’s early, but he’s on track to receiving hisContinue reading “Settling the Devin Booker Versus Donovan Mitchell Debate (11/9/22)”

Thaddeus Young- Toronto’s Key to Success (4/24/22)

Thaddeus Young has been in the NBA for a long time. Drafted in 2007, he has shared the court with many all-time greats. LeBron, Kobe, Shaq, Duncan, Wade, Durant, Dirk, Giannis, the list goes on. He’s had some solid seasons himself, as he averaged 14 points per game across seven years with the Philadelphia 76ers.Continue reading “Thaddeus Young- Toronto’s Key to Success (4/24/22)”

Lonnie Walker’s Ascension and What it Means for the Spurs (3/4/22)

The 2022 Rodeo Road Trip was a sensational one for Lonnie Walker IV. He scored 17+ points in six straight games, and his 30-point performance at home last night against Sacramento extended that streak to seven. Lonnie has shown flashes of his scoring ability throughout his career. He’s pulled off absurdly acrobatic lay-ups like thisContinue reading “Lonnie Walker’s Ascension and What it Means for the Spurs (3/4/22)”

Is Chris Paul an All-Star this Season? (12/27/21)

The Western Conference guard pool is ridiculously deep. Almost every team has a star guard. Because of this, there are going to be some significant snubs this season. Stephen Curry. Damian Lillard. Luka Doncic. Devin Booker. Chris Paul. Donovan Mitchell. Those guys are established superstars who are virtual locks to make the All-Star game everyContinue reading “Is Chris Paul an All-Star this Season? (12/27/21)”

Buy or Sell: Early Overperformers (11/12/21)

We’re only a few weeks into the 2021-22 NBA season, but it’s been a year’s worth of fun. So far we’ve seen a bunch of players perform below their expectations, but we’ve also seen guys perform above them. Today, I’m playing a game of buy or sell with six of those overachievers. I’ll tell youContinue reading “Buy or Sell: Early Overperformers (11/12/21)”

Jordan+Mamu: the Most Underrated (and fun) Young Duo (10/22/21)

The reigning champion Milwaukee Bucks are one of the deeper teams in the NBA. They don’t have a ton of big names like the Lakers or the Nets, but the chemistry and energy their bench guys bring makes their bench mob one of the best.  The bench is highlighted by fan-favorite Bobby Portis Jr., veteranContinue reading “Jordan+Mamu: the Most Underrated (and fun) Young Duo (10/22/21)”

Tyler Herro Thinks He’s Nice (4/25/21)

Recently, I’ve seen some stuff come out about Tyler Herro. Apparently, the Heat organization is worried about his stardom getting to his head, which is leading to a decrease in his work ethic. This may legitimately be the case. Tyler has that cocky demeanor on the court that makes him easy to dislike (unless you’reContinue reading “Tyler Herro Thinks He’s Nice (4/25/21)”