Jordan+Mamu: the Most Underrated (and fun) Young Duo (10/22/21)

The reigning champion Milwaukee Bucks are one of the deeper teams in the NBA. They don’t have a ton of big names like the Lakers or the Nets, but the chemistry and energy their bench guys bring makes their bench mob one of the best.  The bench is highlighted by fan-favorite Bobby Portis Jr., veteranContinue reading “Jordan+Mamu: the Most Underrated (and fun) Young Duo (10/22/21)”

Tyler Herro Thinks He’s Nice (4/25/21)

Recently, I’ve seen some stuff come out about Tyler Herro. Apparently, the Heat organization is worried about his stardom getting to his head, which is leading to a decrease in his work ethic. This may legitimately be the case. Tyler has that cocky demeanor on the court that makes him easy to dislike (unless you’reContinue reading “Tyler Herro Thinks He’s Nice (4/25/21)”

The Recent Overrating of Kyrie Irving (4/7/21)

Kyrie Irving. One of the best ball handlers ever. Great scorer. Second best player on the 2016 Cavalier championship team. 7-Time All-Star. 2-Time All-NBA player. Obviously an excellent player. This season, he’s averaging 28 PPG, 5 RPG, and 6 APG on 50/39/90 shooting. Those would be MVP numbers if he wasn’t the third best player onContinue reading “The Recent Overrating of Kyrie Irving (4/7/21)”

The Underappreciation of Bradley Beal (12/16/20)

Let me start off with the difference between underrated and underappreciated. Underrated means someone is really good, but no one recognizes it, and that player needs to be more recognized. Underappreciated is when someone is recognized, but that’s it. They’re not actually appreciated for what they do, even though everyone acknowledges it. Since I’m writingContinue reading “The Underappreciation of Bradley Beal (12/16/20)”