2023 NBA Power Rankings (10/11/22)

With training camp wrapping up and preseason underway, rosters are mostly solidified across the league. That means it’s time for my 2022-23 NBA preseason power rankings. My rankings are based on a combination of predicted regular season and postseason success (with playoffs holding more weight) and take into account roster talent, fit, and past successContinue reading “2023 NBA Power Rankings (10/11/22)”

The Six Most Underrated Off-Season Acquisitions (7/25/22)

Summer League has wrapped up. Most of the big names are off the free agency market. The draft came and went. As we enter the dead of the off-season, I want to talk about a few of the most underrated acquisitions made so far this summer. While adding a star can change an entire organization,Continue reading “The Six Most Underrated Off-Season Acquisitions (7/25/22)”

A Breath of Fresh Air: Jarred Vanderbilt’s Insane Hustle (1/10/22)

It’s June 21st, 2018, and the Orlando Magic are on the clock with the 41st pick in the NBA draft. They select forward Jarred Vanderbilt out of Kentucky and immediately trade him to the Denver Nuggets. In his first two seasons in the league, Vanderbilt played just 115 total minutes across 28 games. With aContinue reading “A Breath of Fresh Air: Jarred Vanderbilt’s Insane Hustle (1/10/22)”

3 PT Shooting Experiment (3/29/21)

The other day, I was listening to an episode of Bill Simmons’s podcast Book of Basketball 2.0 where he talked to Daryl Morey and his time with the Rockets (especially the 2017-18 season). While listening to this episode, I randomly came up with the experiment that this article is about: Can I make two NBAContinue reading “3 PT Shooting Experiment (3/29/21)”

I Become the GM of the Milwaukee Bucks- Part 2 (3/8/21)

Welcome to part two of my tenure as the GM of the Milwaukee Bucks. This will be the first of my GM articles where I don’t explain exactly what I’m doing. Why? Because you should have read part one already. I will give a light refresher though. After going 59-24, the Bucks lost in theContinue reading “I Become the GM of the Milwaukee Bucks- Part 2 (3/8/21)”

I Become the GM of the Milwaukee Bucks- Part 1 (2/20/21)

The Bucks finally won last night after a five game losing streak. Unfortunately, they haven’t looked like true championship contenders so far this season. Now, the ultimate goal of resigning Giannis has been accomplished, but we still have to win a championship. So I’m taking over my favorite team and leading them to a championship. Continue reading “I Become the GM of the Milwaukee Bucks- Part 1 (2/20/21)”