Ranking the Top Seven Young Cores in the NBA (8/19/22)

The NBA is absolutely loaded with young talent.  Seven members of my top 25 of the 2022 season are under 25 years old. With all-time greats like LeBron, Steph, and KD aging, the next generation of superstars is coming.  That being said, who has the best collection of youngsters? Today I’m ranking my top sevenContinue reading “Ranking the Top Seven Young Cores in the NBA (8/19/22)”

Grand Theft Alvarado: The League’s Most Entertaining Backup Guard (3/30/22)

You might recognize the name Jose Alvarado from this video: If you haven’t seen that, there’s a chance you wouldn’t know who he is. I didn’t either prior to this season. I first learned the name Jose Alvarado during a game in November where his enthusiasm on the bench stood out to me. At theContinue reading “Grand Theft Alvarado: The League’s Most Entertaining Backup Guard (3/30/22)”

The Most Underrated 2022 Rookie (11/5/21)

When you’re thinking of the best rookies so far this season, you probably think about Evan Mobley, Jalen Green, Scottie Barnes, Chris Duarte, or Josh Giddey. Those are valid choices.  There’s another guy who I think deserves to be in that conversation. He’s played at an All-Rookie level, and a lot of fans probably don’tContinue reading “The Most Underrated 2022 Rookie (11/5/21)”

Thoughts on the Jonas Valanciunas Deal (7/26/21)

It is now officially the NBA offseason. Not having NBA basketball for a few months is sad, but the offseason is still fun. There is a ton of player movement to keep the offseason exciting. That being said, the first trade of the offseason (Kemba trade excluded because the playoffs were still going on) happenedContinue reading “Thoughts on the Jonas Valanciunas Deal (7/26/21)”