Future of the New York Knicks (1/13/22)

Woj bomb alert! If you didn’t see the trade yet, here’s what went down: New York Knicks get: Cam Reddish, Solomon Hill, 2025 second-round pick (via Brooklyn) Atlanta Hawks get: Kevin Knox, 2022 protected first-round pick (via Charlotte) Cam Reddish is a very talented player. He’s a natural scorer with a high ceiling, and atContinue reading “Future of the New York Knicks (1/13/22)”

2022 NBA Power Rankings (10/17/21)

A couple of days ago, I came out with my award predictions. This is my second preseason prediction article (out of three). Today, I’ll be giving my team power rankings for the 2021-22 season. These power rankings are based on how good the team will be in both the regular season and the playoffs (myContinue reading “2022 NBA Power Rankings (10/17/21)”

We Love the New York Knicks (6/3/21)

After an overachieving 2021 season, the New York Knicks are finally done. They kinda got crushed by the Hawks, but that doesn’t matter. The Knicks had the most successful 2021 NBA season. The big reason why is, of course, their overachievement record wise. Nobody (besides maybe some die hard Knicks fan) had them finishing anywhereContinue reading “We Love the New York Knicks (6/3/21)”